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A versatile and high-performance antenna designed to elevate your signal strength and range. With its innovative design and exceptional specifications, this antenna is a game-changer for radio enthusiasts, ensuring crystal-clear communication in any scenario.


Unlock superior signal strength with a gain of 3.0dB at 144MHz and 2.15dB at 430MHz. This gooseneck antenna ensures that you receive and transmit with unparalleled clarity, optimizing your communication experience for both short and long-range interactions.

23cm Rugged Antenna



    • Model Number: AT-22
    • Central Frequency of Antenna: 144/430MHz
    • Gain: 3.0dB (144MHz)/2.15dB(430MHz)
    • Material: bendable Goose Tube+ABS
    • Length of Antenna: 23cm
    • Radiation direction: Omnidirectional
    • Polarization direction: Vertical polarization
    • V.S.W.R: Less than 1.5
    • Color: Black
    • Weight: 71.2g
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