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The essential communication accessory designed to enhance your hands-free experience. Engineered with precision and packed with advanced features, this device is the perfect solution for professionals who rely on clear and efficient communication in demanding environments.


Our PTT Mic Speaker is designed for seamless integration with a variety of communication systems, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of radios and devices. Whether you're in public safety, security, or industrial settings, this accessory is a reliable companion for keeping your lines of communication open and effective.

Baofeng Speaker PPT Mic

SKU: 1005004560149776-Waterproof Mic
Only 7 left in stock
    • Model Number: Baofeng Waterproof Speaker
    • Speaker Mic: 2 PIN K Port Radio
    • Talkie Walkie Mic: For Baofeng UV5R UV82 BF-888S BF-C9 UV-S9 and more! 
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