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The Earmor M32 ensures unparalleled clarity by harnessing dynamic audio drivers and an advanced noise filtration system. Its ergonomic design with cushioned over-ear cups promises lasting comfort. The sturdy exterior, reflecting military-grade robustness, guarantees durability. Prioritizing safety, the M32 offers advanced ear protection against sudden loud noises, ensuring users' auditory safety during intense scenarios.


  • NOISE SUPPRESSION: Suppresses harmful noise above 82 dB for safety
  • MILITARY STANDARD PLUG: Built-in NATO Military Standard 7.0 Plug for efficient PTT communication
  • DETACHABLE MICROPHONE: Allows for both left or right-handed assembly
  • SOUND AMPLIFICATION: Amplifies low-level sounds to keep you alert


  • Manufacturer: OPSMEN Tactical
    Model: Earmor M32 Electronic Headphones w/ AUX Input
    Dba Rating: 82
    Noise Reduction Rating: + Nrr22
    Head Circumference Perimeter: S:54cm, M:54-60cm, L:60cm
    Battery Type: 2x AAA

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