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Crafted from high-quality aluminum, this versatile cooking set is designed to streamline your outdoor cooking experience without compromising on performance.The cooking set includes a lightweight yet durable pot, lid, and foldable handles for easy handling and storage. The high thermal conductivity of aluminum ensures swift and even heat distribution, allowing you to prepare your favorite meals efficiently, even in the heart of nature.

FMC-FC2 Camping Cookware Set

SKU: 14:29#FMC-FC2
C$90.99 Regular Price
C$75.99Sale Price
    • Pot: Ф168*111mm
    • Fry Pan: Ф174*42mm
    • Kettle:Ф153*86mm

    Package includes:

    • 1*0.8L Kettle(no tea strainer)
    • 1*0.7L Fry Pan
    • 1*1.5L Pot
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